Fire ant bait spreader now available - treat your pastures and hayfields now!

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Submitted by Paula Burke, County Extension Coordinator

A Fire Ant Bait spreader is now available to be loaned out to Carroll County producers who want to kill fire ants in their pastures and hayfields. The spreader can be used with a Class III receiver hitch or can be mounted to an ATV. The cost for using the spreader is $50 deposit paid when you pick it up. $5 per day is required to be paid when you return it to the Extension office.

If you are interested in using the spreader, please contact Paula. It will be available on a first come, first serve basis.

Results from our 2016 Fire Ant Field day are attached.

The recommended fire ant bait products to use the spring is Amdro Pro. The recommended fire ant bait to use in the fall are Extinguish, Extinguish Plus, and Esteem. Contact your local farm supply store to purchase your bait. They may have to order it so plan accordingly.

I am excited to offer this spreader to you all in hopes of helping everyone get better control of fire ants on your land. Please let me know if you have any questions.