Carrollton Parks and Recreation director honors mayor pro-tem

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Peter Maierhofer, director of Carrollton Parks and Recreation, recently honored Carrollton mayor pro-tem, Gerald Byrd.

Maierhofer said, "On behalf of the City of Carrollton and the Carrollton Parks and Recreation Department, we are pleased to announce that Mayor Pro-Tem, Gerald Byrd, has won the Volunteer of the Year for the Georgia Recreation and Parks Association on the District level and the State level for his tireless work on the building of Legends West Park.

Both these awards are the highest honor given to a volunteer in the State of Georgia, and recognizes volunteers whose efforts have had a lasting, positive effect on parks and recreation departments throughout the state.

Your contribution to our community will benefit generations to come, and we are proud and fortunate to have you in our Carrollton community. Thank you!"